The different facts about the country of Ireland

In each country, there are the advantages or the gifts that people could enjoy. As the world is round and also there are differences like some are on an island or the land or near the sea so there are differences in the life of people. If a country is near the sea, they can have fishing as a main economic activity. If it is rich in land, they can have architecture. There are different jobs that people could do so they could survive. That is why even if the country of Ireland is

Above is the infographic about the country of Ireland. It is a fact that in one country, there are areas who are progressive but there are also the ones who have a hard time in terms of the economy so living condition is not good. In the country of Ireland, the facts are put together above so you can also have an idea on the things you might not have known. This is a country who has its own story also.

Ireland is a beautiful place and it is evident by the millions of passengers that arrive in the area. But there are also the disadvantages of it for the citizens and also for the tourists. That is because it is also expensive in the country some food and drinks and other activities like a recreation of watching the theatre. The prices are written to be higher and other European countries as written in the infographic.